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Looking for restaurants in Aughton but unsure what to try next? Looking for something a little different, or something a little more special than the usual Aughton restaurants?

You don’t have to look any further than Barnyard Churrasco and Grill. Actually situated just outside Aughton, this vibrant new restaurant can be found in the neighbouring village of Ormskirk, just a few minutes from Aughton.

Barnyard Churrasco and Grill is, as the name suggests, a restaurant that specialises in Churrasco cooking – a traditional Brazilian and Portuguese style of barbecue that can turn ordinary chicken into a feast for the senses. They haven’t stopped there, however, combining their traditional Churrasco menu with a range of Mediterranean dishes and influences, and more innovative, contemporary cooking techniques to create a fusion menu truly unlike any other.

The Barnyard menu begins with a set of Mediterranean- and American-inspired starters to tantalise and appetise, followed by a set of exquisite mains designed to be both healthy and delicious. In place of one of the entrée dishes, you can order a roast chicken dish, and a selection of our exquisite sides, or, if you’re even more health-conscious than that, one of our salads.

Those who love to share can enjoy a sharing platter, and the kids can enjoy a kid’s menu full of our incredible signature chicken, while a varied lunch menu and a wholesome Sunday roast round out the menu. Lastly, our range of homemade desserts is sure to polish off the perfect meal with something a little sweeter!

You can check our menu for yourself here or book a table on 01695 581 935!

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