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Ormskirk restaurants are famously excellent – and they just got even better with the addition of an exciting and innovative new restaurant in Ormskirk: Barnyard Churrasco and Grill.

Combining traditional Brazilian and Portuguese cooking styles with modern flavours and innovative, healthy dishes, Barnyard creates a fusion cuisine like no other, offering exquisite roast chicken, healthy and nutritious sides, tantalising starters and mouth-watering desserts.

With an emphasis on good food and healthy eating, Barnyard creates a menu that is brimming with incredible options, all of which are carefully crafted to make sure you can enjoy our exquisite food guilt-free! Even the desserts menu includes a section entirely free of wheat, gluten and refined sugars, and our chicken dishes are high in protein and low in fat.

For the rest of the menu, including an exceptional Sunday Roast dinner, an incredible array of roast chicken sauces and spices, and a menu of sharing platters to make the mouth water, you can check here.

All of this incredible food would be nothing without our ambience and our friendly staff, of course, so at Barnyard Churrasco and Grill, we are constantly working to create the warmest, most welcoming restaurant in Ormskirk. Our cheery and experienced staff will help ensure your meal is one to remember, whether you’re just popping in for lunch, enjoying a full 3-course dinner or taking the whole family out!

For more information or to book a table, you can get in touch on 01695 581 935.

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