Ormskirk’s First Churrasco Restaurant

Restaurants in Ormskirk have suddenly leapt forward in variety and taste with the appearance of Ormskirk’s first Churrasco restaurant!

Specialising in this incredible traditional Brazilian and Portuguese cooking method, which is a form of barbecue involving spices and herbs to create mouth-watering, tender meat, Barnyard Churrasco and Grill offers something completely new to Ormskirk, a new concept and an infusion of bright new energy that we’re sure you’ll love!

Our menu has been carefully crafted to be not just delicious and exotic, but healthy as well, so you can enjoy an incredible dinner completely guilt-free and leave feeling nourished and contented. Part of this is the healthy cooking methods involved in making great Churrasco chicken, but the rest is the work of our expert chefs, who are always working to make Barnyard one of the best restaurants in Ormskirk, with the healthiest and most delicious food of any Ormskirk Restaurants.

So, what makes a great Churrasco Restaurant?

First things first, they need to have the skill on the grill. Churrasco is cooked on huge barbecues and skewers from the sun-drenched beaches of Brazil to the villas and mountains of Portugal, and there are lots of ways of doing it right, based on region and tradition – so it takes a great chef to combine all this into one incredible culinary experience. Lucky for us, we’ve got just the chef.

Next, a great Churrasco restaurant needs great ingredients. All our ingredients are bought fresh on the day and chosen specifically for their quality, freshness, great taste and nutritional value, so the base components of our dishes are as great as they can be right from the start. Different blends of herbs and spices are used in each of our dishes to create new and unique flavour combinations, unlike anything you’ve tasted before, in Ormskirk restaurants or anywhere else!

Once you’ve got that, a Churrasco needs a great menu – something with enough variety for everyone, that combines traditional grilling and barbecue with local greats like the British Roast Dinner and caters to everyone with gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and vegan options, so everyone can find something they love, and does it in a way that is new and exciting.

After that, a really great Churrasco restaurant needs ambience. Without a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere, it doesn’t matter how great the chicken is! For this reason, the staff at Barnyard Churrasco and Grill are always working to make sure Barnyard has the best atmosphere of all the Restaurants in Ormskirk.

The last thing a Churrasco restaurant really needs to provide the most incredible experience to its customers is, you – without our customers, there’s no-one to enjoy our amazing healthy chicken!

Barnyard Ormskirk has taken all these ingredients, gathered them together from as far away as Rio de Janeiro and Serra de Estrela, and grilled them into something really exceptional: Ormskirk’s first Churrasco and Grill. So what are you waiting for?

Book a table today by clicking here or calling us on 01695 581 935, and try our restaurant out for yourself!

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