What is Churrasco?

Barnyard Churrasco & Grill has brought a new taste sensation to Ormskirk, with the first churrasco restaurant the town has ever seen – but what exactly does this mean? What makes a churrasco, where does it come from and what makes it special?

Our answer will always be “come and see for yourself” – but since many of you will want to know what to expect before coming in for a bite, we’ve written this post to explain just what it is that makes Churrasco so great.

The name “churrasco” actually has a double meaning – since it means not just a style of cooking, but a sort of restaurant as well. Usually, these restaurants will specialise in using the churrasco style of cooking first and foremost, but they can also primarily be grills, charcuterias, barbecues or steakhouses that simply draw on Churrasco influences and tradition to create something delicious. This is one of the first great strengths of churrasco cooking – its incredible versatility!

As a cooking style, Churrasco began in Portugal, and from there it spread to Brazil and the rest of Latin America, where it is still extremely popular to this day. The trademark of churrasco is in cooking meat on a wire grill or skewers over a charcoal fire, usually dug into the earth or banked in a brick grill casing, like you’d see on a permanent brick barbecue. This traditional structure conserves heat and helps each cooking fire go further and cook more! The meat is seasoned with herbs and spices, and traditionally each region has its own unique blend of flavours in its churrasco meat, helping to give this traditional dish even closer ties to specific places, times and cultures.

When you eat churrasco now, you’re tasting the flavours perfected over hundreds of years in villages on the coast of Portugal, or tweaked over centuries in cities and towns across Brazil. This is the depth of tradition that Barnyard Churrasco & Grill aims to bring to Ormskirk! We have incorporated these age-old techniques with modern nutritional knowledge to create a menu that is truly unique.

Our grilled and roasted chicken takes its inspiration from the dishes cooked on the beaches of Brazil, with the sound of the sea filling the air, and from the glowing coals cooking specially-prepared meat in the sun-drenched mountains of Portugal to bring together a one-of-a-kind selection for our customers. Aiming to prove that chicken can be both delicious and healthy, Barnyard Churrasco and Grill combines flawless presentation and exciting new combinations of flavours with classic recipes, healthy ingredients and cooking methods that seal in every drop of flavour, while keeping the dishes low in fat and sugar, high in protein and vitamins, and good for the body and the soul!

To try some of our churrasco chicken for yourself, just come down to our Ormskirk restaurant or call us on 01695 581 935 to make a booking! Our friendly, experienced staff will be happy to take your call, and can answer any questions you may have about our recipes and menu.

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